Monday, April 1, 2013

Coconut Milk Curry with Prawns

This Coconut Milk Prawn Curry is a super easy one dish meal that everyone in my family loves. It takes about forty minutes including prep and you want to be sure everything is ready before you start cooking.

Ingredients (feeds six people):
1 pkg frozen or fresh raw Prawns
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup carrots
1 cup broccoli
1 medium white onion
2 peppers (I used orange and red for colour)
1 small zucchini
1 cup mushrooms
2 bunches bok choy
~ 1 tbsp each minced fresh garlic and ginger (you can add as much or as little as your taste buds prefer)
2 cans Coconut Milk
Curry Powder (to taste)
Salt and Pepper
2 portions instant stir fry noodles (or you can cook pasta or rice to go with it)

Defrost prawns (if necessary) in cool water. De-shell them (again if necessary) and set aside.
Chop all veggies into desired size. I find everyone has their preferences when it comes to stir fry :)
Once everything is prepped, turn on a large skillet, frying pan, or wok to medium and heat up the olive oil. Add carrots, cook slightly (1-2 mins), then add broccoli, cook slightly, and continue on down the list until all veggies - except the bok choy -  are cooking in the oil.
Add the two cans of coconut milk, the garlic, the ginger, and start adding the spices to taste. Allow the mixture to simmer for a minute. Then add the stir fry noodles (if you are using the instant variety) and bok choy. When everything is almost done (probably about five minutes, but keep an eye on the mixture, as it depends a lot on your pan, the size of your veggies, etc) add the prawns and cook until they turn pink, about a minute or two. Try not to overcook as they can get rubbery.
And TA DA! You have just created a healthy (albeit it a little bit fattening) well balanced meal in a single dish.
If you want to reduce the fat content, use lower fat coconut milk instead of the full fat variety.

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